My Ice Bucket Challenge

Since most people have been using their ice bucket videos to encourage people to donate to ALSA, I wanted to use my video to share knowledge about the disease itself. I had eight buckets of ice water thrown at me by the kids in my neighborhood (and one adult for good measure). Rather than post the video right away, I challenged my Facebook friends to answer eight questions about ALS to "unlock" the video and animated GIF of me getting soaked. Well, they've answered my eight questions, so here's my #ALSIceBucketChallenge:


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ALS Questions

How much do you know about ALS?

  1. What is ALS?
  2. What causes ALS?
  3. How many people have ALS?
  4. What are the risk factors for ALS?
  5. What treatments are available for ALS?
  6. What is the life expectancy for someone diagnosed with ALS?
  7. Is there a common age range for when ALS develops?
  8. Aside from Lou Gehrig, who else famous/notable has had ALS?