Hi, I'm Kevin Conroy

Hi, I'm Kevin Conroy

I’m a technology, product, and design leader who has created, scaled, and maintained award-winning products, teams, and organizations.

I'm currently an Engineering Manager at Meta in Central Social Impact supporting the teams working on Social Impact Products. Previously, I spent 15 years helping GlobalGiving grow from a start-up to the leading international nonprofit crowdfunding marketplace.

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Kevin Conroy

I've focused my career on having an outsized impact and helping teams thrive.


Award-winning manager of teams and a team of teams

Remote Teams

Remote and Hybrid

I have a proven ability to hire, retain, grow, and help diverse, remote teams thrive.

I help teams do their best work and support their continued growth. I've managed distributed teams across four time zones, while coordinating projects with peers and stakeholders spread around the world.

DEI → Retention

Diversity isn't a new buzzword for me

My focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, psychological safety, and professional development has helped me build a distributed team of talented, caring, diverse individuals with a >90% retention rate.


Award-Winning Culture

My policies and leadership style have helped GlobalGiving win a 2021 Washington Post Top Workplace Award and a 4.9/5 rating on Glassdoor, while doubling headcount and managing a $10M budget.

My team's reviews

Recommendations 📝

But you don’t have to take my word for it: See what my team has to say about me.

Kevin Conroy is the best manager one could ever have. If you're lucky to work alongside or report to him, you'll find your quality of life will start improving at a rapid pace. You'll feel empowered to create, challenge, lead. You'll start thinking you can tackle anything because you're supported and encouraged. That's how good of a manager Kevin Conroy is.

Lizette Hechavarria - Senior Creative + UX Designer

More than anything, Kevin truly understands PEOPLE, and that understanding is foundational to everything he does. In conversations, he knows when to lead and when to step back and make space for others to drive. As a developer, he puts the needs of the user at the forefront of every discussion and every proposed solution. As a manager, he understands how to meet each team member where they are to set reasonable deadlines and expectations without being overwhelming or demanding. He understands when to simplify and when to embrace complexity, when to invite new ideas and when to avoid scope creep. He makes people feel appreciated and validated, whether he's managing them, working alongside them, or creating software for them.

Dr. Jennifer Pizzurro - Front-End Developer

I sat down to write some words about Kevin Conroy and found I didn't know where to start. There is so much to say about someone who helped build an amazing organization like GlobalGiving... The most direct thing I can say is to describe what it has meant for me personally to work with Kevin. He is without a doubt, one of the very best human beings I have ever had the privilege to meet. I have become a better human being from knowing him, and I hope I can continue to apply the lessons he has taught me.

Bill Glover - Director of Engineering


I proactively identify friction between stakeholders and teams to reduce or eliminate it.

I know how to work closely with peers, include teams in decision-making, and help stakeholders feel they have a hand in creating an excellent solution.

Together, we innovate, solve problems within budget, meet deadlines, and address risks and tech debt before they become emergencies.

I earn the respect of team members across departments and organizations, enabling things to get done collaboratively with a high level of technical quality and shipping frequently. I've also deeply collaborated with other technical leaders as a part of CTOs for Good.

My approach to collaboration has allowed my teams to ship frequently, remove silos to create delightful user experiences with NPS of 70+, and launch new products with $7M/year in recurring revenue.



I am a technology, product, design, and marketing leader, and can easily switch hats as needed between domains, to both empower team members and contribute as needed.

Beyond the many innovations that I led at GlobalGiving to create the world's first nonprofit crowdfunding platform, I’ve worked with leading behavioral economics at Harvard, Columbia,Texas A&M, and Duke (like Dan Ariely!) to conduct groundbreaking research on ways to motivate giving, resulting in both published academic papers and dramatic increases in conversion rates in production. I’ve assisted IDEO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to design ways to make giving better. My earlier work on zoomable user interfaces for Netflix-like experiences was groundbreaking and won several awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2005. I’ve also innovated a better recipe UX for cooking on my food blog.

I’m always looking for ways to make the products I'm working on better.


I’ve programmed in a dozen languages over the years and helped architect systems with 99.9% uptime with excellent SEO, UX, and localization. While I primarily manage these days, my skills are still sharp enough to help unblock my teams and provide mentoring.

Web Security

I've helped harden systems against hackers, bots, and DDOS attackers.

Language Expertise

I’m fluent in Java, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Proficiency and Flexibility

I've worked in many dev environments can learn new languages and frameworks quickly.

API Development

I've architected and maintained internal and external APIs.

Performance Optimization

I've optimized systems at scale to find and solve bottlenecks.


I've improved individual and team documentation practices.


I’ve managed GlobalGiving’s two-sided marketplace for the last decade and have a deep understanding of the technical, psychological, and economic dynamics required to make these products successful.

The Original Charity Crowdfunding Platform
Consumer + B2B

I've built and lead the team that now manages GlobalGiving.org, the first charity crowdfunding website. GlobalGiving supports nonprofits from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe (and hundreds of places in between) by connecting them to donors and companies.

GlobalGiving Atlas

GlobalGiving Atlas

SaaS B2B

I've overseen GlobalGiving Atlas from conception thru launch and into maintaince, generating $500k/year (and climbing) in net new revenue from customers like Blackbaud, Salesforce, and Twitter. Atlas is an API-based SaaS product that has the most complete and trusted repository of nonprofits in the world.

Project of the Month Club


I identified the opportunity to add recurring donations as a new feature and product offering. Planned and implemented all features, including ongoing optimizations, developing it into a $7M/year program supporting thousands of organizations, including the Project of the Month Club.

Project of the Month Club
you gestalt complete me


In college, I worked in the world-renowned Human Computer Interaction Lab and since then have been drawn to help solve UX and design challenges. Making great products takes more than great code - it takes a keen understanding of what the user needs, what the job to be done is, and how to shape the code to solve it.

Redesigns Done Right
I've overseen multiple website redesigns and know how to lead teams to new levels of excellence.
Design System
Design Systems
Led the development of GlobalGiving’s Design System to standardize UI/UX in legacy systems.
IDEO Trained
I love brainstorming and making paper prototypes, low-fidelity versions, and mockups – especially with the team!
research, analysis, statistic, magnifier, analytics
User Research
I have a background in human-computer interaction and have run many user studies to help guide our roadmap and product strategy.
Conversion Optimization
I'm an expert in A/B testings and best practices to boost performance, and have done A/B tests with leading behavioral economists, including Dan Ariely.
Never Settle Attitude
Rather than change our brand guidelines when we moved to the cloud, I worked to get Aleo added to Google Fonts, and earned a co-author designation in the process.


I’ve presented at board meetings, pitched to Fortune 500 leaders (including Jeff Bezos), and have been a company spokesperson on news programs, podcasts, and case studies. Listen, watch, or read some of what I've said.


That's a lot of hats!

While my roots are in technology and user experience, I thrive in helping solve the multi-disciplinary challenges that cross-functional teams face. I’ve made a habit of focusing my time and talents on where I could make the biggest impact at each stage of growth for the organization, the team, and the product.

I believe strongly in committing to excellence for the long haul, helping steer the team and products that I’ve been entrusted with to sustained growth and success.

I'm not job searching right now, but always love to connect with fellow leaders and change makers.

Email kevinconroy@gmail.com

One final note ☀️

Resumes are not a place for humility, but rest assured, when we’re working together, it will be our team that shines.